Even if the words are “it has no meaning”, the act of speaking contains meaning in itself. Regardless of what function the “message transfer” performs, speech is always turned to another. The source of speech is not the ego or consciousness, but the unconscious; language comes from the Other. As part of the SAM fair, which took place over 3 days in St. Petersburg at the Street Art Museum, APXIV artists conducted several happenings related to speech and communication.

You could meet with the taciturn ‘friend’, Olga Klimovitskaya in one of the museum premises. The performance consisted of an act of 20 minutes of active listening and silence on the part of the artist, the visitor at that time could tell about any thoughts and desires or keep silence too. Signing up to sessions carried out in advance through the site, complete confidentiality guaranteed.

Perfomance | 2019

Taciturn Friend