I work with various media, giving preference to finished materials or ready-made things, whenever possible, I try not to produce new objects, mixing and combining those that already exist.

I am trying to attract and engage the spectator in the interaction with my works, many of them are tactile, audible, I attempt to create new experience situations.
I use the content uploaded to the Internet by Internet users, inviting them to the workspace, I am making them my co-authors.

I prefer visual minimalism, within the framework of a personal struggle with the ocularcentric art, I do not fight the beauty, but try to keep the aesthetic in its state of dormancy.

I study the mass culture and the systems of authority, gender performativity, personal myths and ways of representation, ways of existence within the systems of control and enslavement, through the perspective of an aimed camera lens, an inverted private world, when the reflection of the personality is replaced by the reference to different communities.

The topics raised in my works are personal, but universal — the invisibility of the structures that are piercing us, our passion for submission, the wildness and alienation, the excluded sensual, self-violence, self-submission, self-control, the ability to exist as a rolling stone, like a liquid, flowing from positions and points of view within the never-ending practice of exits.