Objects | 2024

Legacy of Equality

These commemorative plates, adorned with intricate designs and symbols, narrate the tale of a lineage that defied societal norms and embraced technological advancement in pursuit of justice.
We are presented with several generations of women in a world where men have been supplanted by robots. As observers contemplate these artifacts, they are transported to a realm where the transition from a male-dominated society to one led by women has already been realized.
In this alternate reality depicted on the plates, women occupy the forefront of innovation and leadership, their roles uninhibited by traditional gender norms. Each plate stands as a testament to the fortitude and resolve of these trailblazing women, whose vision and courage have reshaped the very fabric of society.

Digital zin | 2023

My Journey to Becoming a Machine

Under human edition, a digital zine is written and illustrated by AI. Throughout this story, we follow the journey of one girl who becomes a machine.

Hand sewn textile book | 2023

Speechless Diary

I was in a frozen state for more than

a year; it poisoned my artistic

practice and made me unable to exist

as an artist. Everything I could say

or express about what happened to

me seemed insignificant. My house

was not bombed, and none of my

relatives died under gunfire. But still,

my worst year ever. Life is divided

into before and after the war. From

February 2022 to February 2023,

each page represents a month of

that year. In an attempt to unfreeze,

to become ordinary, I tried to stitch

what poisoned me.

Performance | 2018

Hello world! 

Aiming to feel freedom from objectification I was trying to escape to the digital reality for changing identities as patterns to alienate the constructed women body.


Videogame video | 2021

All of us